Tuesday, 30 Aug 2011

Cabin in the woods


Here is my little cabin in the woods.

Its 8pm and the security light was tripped by my coming out to take the photo, thats the spotlight centre ! In fact I am not as isolated as this seems, in front of me is the entrance off the main road and a house, plus the forestry operation machinery parking. Sometimes they rumble past and I can’t believe they won’t just bowl me over, shed and all.

In front of the cabin is a house


Inside the studio/ living room is quite big.

The bedroom is off one end of the main room


Up a nettle bordered path along one side is the door, and the wood is at my window there. Squirrels leap about in the hazel and sounded like burglars when I was first settling in.


King's Wood at my window


And of course in the first picture you can see my trusty Ford escort which has moss growing on the back window ledge, but it goes along quite steadily .

So all in all I am very content in my little cabin, and it keeps me focussed on the great, green, sighing, body of the wood thats just outside my door.







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