Holly Story


Holly Story

Was born in Zimbabwe but grew up in various countries with a
“third culture” family based in England. She immigrated to Western Australia in 1970, and in 1987, as a mature age student, undertook a Visual Art degree at Curtin University School of Art, Perth, Western Australia. She obtained a BA followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Art 1991 and has been working as an artist, arts administrator and occasional writer on the arts since that time.

Her work is concerned with human perception, with lived experience, and in particular the interdependence of the human and natural world. At the heart of her practice is a 30 year relationship with her research site on the Deep River, on the south coast of Western Australia.

Over the past two decades her art practice has included printmaking, embroidery, installation and sculpture. Most recently she has begun working with video. She states “I take worn materials and objects, already redolent with their own histories, and transform them through simple domestic processes.”

She lives and works in Fremantle with her husband, they have three grown up sons scattered across Australia.

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