Banksia woodland describes a landscape of delicate beauty and diversity, found only on the coastal plain of south west Australia.

Candle Banksia, Bull Banksia, Firewood Banksia, Holly Banksia take their place in the woodland canopy in shifting configurations, attending to particular cues in air and soil. The embrace of their stiffly held leaves, the temptation of their nectar filled flowers and the arcane silhouettes of their dark seed cones are unique signatures in this landscape.

At their feet is a detailed and complex understorey: a flourishing kinship of plants and animals woven together by the rhythms of reciprocal benefit.

Banksias have adapted over millennia to scorching summers, to fire, and to thin, poor soils. For thousands of years they have been part of the livelihood of the southwest Noongar people. But now, as the suburbs spread, devouring the future, this precious habitat is being destroyed by neglect and thoughtless development.

Make a promise: that you will honour and uphold this rich and ancient community at all times, that you will protest its destruction at all times, that it may be with us for all time.


Follow these links to learn more about Banksias and Urban Bushland and people who care passionately about both.

Urban Bushland Council: excellent website for Banksia Woodland information and action.

Replants — saving grass trees since 2000 

Replants works in gazetted bushland and private property heading for development, saving grasstrees for re sale and re locating fauna. The website keeps you up to speed with the front line of urban development. Bruce, the Director, also works closely with Noongah elder Dr Noel Nannup who holds storytelling nights and trips to country at the Fremantle site.

Click here to download Promise poster

A passionate grass roots community group thats dedicated to action on protecting Beeliar Wetlands, including campaigning against the Roe 8 highway that is proposed to run through it.