The Gift 2009

The Gift

Positioning the artist as mediator, intimate and fragile works across a number of media seek to pass on a respect for our place in the natural world.

Shown at Turner Galleries, North Perth, Western Australia, 2009.

Artist’s statement

The Gift refers to a process of change, of transformation. Those who give and those who receive are taking part in an exchange which, if done mindfully, results in a growth of the soul. An artist’s work can be seen as a gift, both in the labour of making and in the proffered outcome. True to the rites of giving, these works recognise in turn the many gifts I have received from the natural world throughout my life. The Gift seeks to pass on some part of my experience of the wonder, joy, sorrow, fear and delight to be found there.


The West Australian Visual Arts Friday June 12th, 2009
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