Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011



Over a week since leaving and I am finally at King’s Wood ( via France which whetted my appetite for more)

England though is familiar and strange, the aural environment strikes first, all those voices from British TV – they all speak like that ! I sound the same as ever but people keep noticing I am different. On the coach from Heathrow to Gatwick I saw a field, no a meadow, full of Ragwort and Queen Anne’s Lace, the beauty of it hit me like a physical force. Later, from a bridge I saw a man with a camera and tripod climbing over a stile into a field from the river path and it struck me how intimately involved people are here with their countryside. Keeping footpaths open, defending green belts from development, picnicking in the rain, just insisting on their rights to access natural places.

Working in the alotment

Sue's summer garden

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